Our History

Cactus has a heritage with distinct Australian roots. Born in Australia in 2005, much of the inspiration is derived from the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback, the beautiful beaches Down Under and the laid back lifestyle. With many years of watchmaking experience, Cactus only creates products that are relevant to today’s market.

What we do and how we think

This unique brand was created using a mix of strong customer focus, enthusiastic people, quality products, marketing expertise and innovative technology.

We specialise in practical watches for kids – durable, hard wearing boy’s watches, young girl’s fashionable watches, cute “teach time” products for very young kids. We use innovative materials like silicone, aluminium, stainless steel, and PU. We use universal images from nature, the animal kingdom and sport, not cartoon characters. We make sure that a Cactus watch is built tough enough for anything a kid can throw at it. All dials on Cactus watches are intentionally designed to have easy to read numbers so that telling the time is simple. A Cactus watch is durable and resilient and can accompany a child throughout his /her action packed day – to school, to the sports field, to the beach, to the shops, to any adventure.